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Copy Items from a Previous Auction

This article will teach you how to copy/import items from a previous auction, into a new auction.


Warning: Do not keep two tabs of your manager site open in your browser. Even though you are in different auctions or campaigns adding these items back will break if you have two tabs of manager open. Make sure when you are copying the items you only have one instance of Handbid manager open. 

If you have items that you want to copy from a previous auction into your next  auction, there is a simple export/import trick you can perform to accomplish that. Below are the overall steps followed by a detailed video on how the process works.

  1. Log in using your Auction Manager credentials.
  2. In your Organization dashboard, click on Auctions, then find the previous auction from which you wish to copy items.
  3. Export those items using the detail export view (just above item item list).
    all items
  4. Edit the spreadsheet and remove any items that you do not want to copy over. 

  5. Make any other adjustments in the spreadsheet to Category names, item codes, descriptions, donors, etc. 

  6. Go to the new auction and import that spreadsheet (follow our Item Import instructions).  You can click on "Auto Match" headers as Handbid will read the export template properly and pull in last year's data including images.

Instructional Video: