Individual Fundraisers

How to Create a Fundraising Page from the Peer to Peer Event Site

This article will show you how your donors will create a Fundraising page from the Fundraising website.


Creating a Page - Video Overview

Here is a video overview of how to create a page.



Creating a Page - Detailed Overview

Your fundraisers will most likely create their own page in your fundraiser by visiting the Events site and selecting "Become a Fundraiser". 

Once they click "Become a Fundraiser", Handbid will first ask them to login or register.  Registration is a simple process where the fundraiser will need to enter in their name, email and add a passphrase.  

Once registered, the user will prompted to "Create My Page".  Clicking on that option will bring up the "Create your Fundraising Page" wizard that will walk the fundraiser through all of the steps necessary to create their page. 

On the first section, the user will need to complete the following:

Page Goal

This will default to the page goal set in the Goals tab of the Fundraiser settings (if one exists).  The fundraiser can accept the default goal or modify it.

Page Name

By default, the page name will be populated with the Fundraiser's account name.  This can be changed however.  The name can not be longer than 32 characters.

Page URL

This is based on the Page Name.  The fundraiser can also edit this, but in most cases it is wise to just let Handbid auto-generate the URL.

On the next screen the user will select whether they wish to show an image or a video on their page. 

Adding an Image to the Page

The user would select "Image" in the top dropdown selector and then click on "Add a Photo" to upload a photo into Handbid. 

Adding a Video to the Page

Embedding a video is a bit tricky, as the Video embed code from either Vimeo or YouTube needs to be pasted into the "Video URL" box and "Video" must be selected at the top (instead of "Image"). 

To find the embed code, the user needs to find the video they want to use on Vimeo or YouTube, click the "Share icon" and then "Embed" and copy and paste the embed code in this window. 

Below is a video showing how this is done on YouTube:


Editing the Fundraising Story

The last screen is where the Fundraising story is added. This story is an explanation of why the fundraiser is raising money for the organization, what the organization means to the fundraiser, and also some information from the organization about the fundraiser and its purpose. 

By default, the story will be populated from the "Default Story Template" set in the fundraising settings.  This can be modified by the page owner at any time.

 When the fundraiser has completed all three of these screens, they will click "COMPLETE YOUR PAGE" to save the page.  Handbid will confirm that the page has been created and give them the option of going back to edit it, share it on social media, or view the page on the site.


Editing a Fundraising Page after it has been created

Fundraisers can always go back to "Edit" their page by clicking on the "My Page" option on their dashboard.