Customizing Your Welcome Message and Receipt Note

Auction Settings: NOTIFICATIONS

The "TEMPLATES" tab is critical to communication between you and your guests. Please take a moment to fill out each section carefully to mitigate confusion before and after the auction is completed. You can use the list of "tokens" on the right to personalize your message. Tokens allow your message to auto-populate certain information like the bidder's name or their paddle number. Please feel free to copy our example messages complete with tokens and add them to your auction site with your personalization. 

Click on the Template name to select the Template that you want to edit. From here you can select the Receipt / Invoice Message, Welcome Message, Shipping / Redemption Instructions, and Donation Description.


Receipt/Invoice Message - We HIGHLY recommend you place contact information for picking up auction items, a thank you for supporting your organization and tax information if applicable. Below an example receipt note:

Thank you for your participation in the Auction!  Our could not function without your generous support. This receipt/invoice will serve as an official statement for items purchased at this event.  We are a 501c3, so some portion of your total may be tax deductible.  Please consult with a tax advisor to determine the amount (if any) you may be able to deduct. If you have additional questions about the auction or your items, please contact Bob Smith at 555-555-5555 or


Welcome Message - Your welcome message will show up when your bidders register in your auction. Below is an example text.


Welcome to the ! We appreciate your support and participation. 

We have Auction Volunteers who can help you place or track bids throughout the evening.

We hope you find something you like in our Auction. Funds raised will support our programs and activities throughout the year. Feel free to contact us if you have questions!

The Cause Team,


Shipping / Redemption Instructions - Be sure to let your guests know how to get their items. 

{bidder} - 

Thank you again for your support! Now that the auction is over, please be sure to check out with us to redeem your winnings. If you are not attending our auction live or have a large item, please contact for more information and assistance. 

Donation Description - Here you can enter information about your donation amounts. You can enter what your donations are funding or simply say thank you for your contribution.

Don't forget to select the UPDATE button at the bottom of the page to save your auction. 


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