Using the iPad at Your Event

Entering paddle raise donations from iPads

This article will briefly cover how to enter your paddle raise quickly through the Handbid for iPad app.

1 - Go to the Appeal tab of the Handbid for iPad app

You will need to be in the manager side of the app to do this. Once you tap the "Appeals" tab you will see some stats in the upper left like total donations, total donors, and the total amount raised. Below those stats, you will see the most recent donations made.

ipad appeal tab

2 - Select or enter the donation amount 

To the right of the screen in this tab you will see all your appeal items or a box to enter a custom amount. You will also be able to see the current level selected in the upper right. Select or enter the level your auctioneer is going to ask for. You can create appeal items by following the steps in this article.  You may want to consider coordinating with your auctioneer to get the paddle raise levels ahead of time so you can seamlessly move to the next level during the paddle raise. 

3 - Entering donors 

After you have selected the level the paddle raise will be entered at, tap "ENTER APPEALS". You will then see the following screen. 

ipad enter paddle for appeal

On this screen, as your auctioneer calls the paddle numbers that are donating at the level you have selected you would enter the paddle number and press submit. Donations at this level will be shown on the left side as seen below. To remove a donation swipe from right to left on the donation that needs to be removed and it can be deleted. 

ipad enter appeal with queue

4 - Finalizing paddle raise donations

When all donations are recorded for the level you are entering in the upper right, select finalize. You will see a popup asking to confirm the information added. If you need to add any donations or remove any donations to the level you can select "Go back" from this screen.