Items Overview

Handbid Item Pro Tips

Here are a couple helpful tips on how to manage different item types, items statuses, and how to troubleshoot items not showing up on the app and the event website.

Why can’t I see my items?

  1. Is the item in a category? 
    1. All of your items will need to be in a category to be viewable on the app or the event website.
  2. Is the item marked hidden? 
    1. If the checkbox “Is Hidden” is checked. The item will not be viewable on the app and the event website.
  3. Is your auction in a preview or open status?
    1. You will not be able to see your items if the auctions is in a setup or presale status.

Why can’t I bid on or purchase my items?

  1. Is the item in an “open” status ?
    1. When you create an item in Handbid the status will always default to a pending status. 
    2. When you open your auction, Handbid will automatically change the status of all of your items from pending to an open status.
    3. If you add an item after opening your auction you will need to manually change the status of that item from pending to open.
      1. The only time that an item status does not update from a pending status to an open status, when opening the auction, is if the item is marked hidden.
    4. If you set your auction item up as a live auction item and you are not able to bid on it through the app or the website, you will need to change this item to a silent auction item.
      1. Live auction items in Handbid are designed to be sold in a room, at an in-person event, by a professional live auctioneer.
      2. If you are trying to bid on live auction items online, you will need to set these items up as silent auction items in Handbid.
      3. For a virtual event, you are treating silent auction items like they are live auction items.
        1. For more information on running an online live auction/virtual live auction this please review our Virtual Live Auction Item Article.

      Can I change an auction item to a for sale item?

      1. For Sale items and Appeal items in Handbid are interchangeable item types. Since these items share the same item creation form, these items can be switched between the two item types.
      2. This is the same for live auction items and silent auction items. They are interchangeable between the two types so if you decide to move one item between live or silent auction categories, this is a change that can be easily made.
        1. The default bid increment on a live auction item will always be $1. This is because live auction bids will be manually entered into the system once the winner is determined. Keep this in mind if you switch an item type to or from the live auction category.
      3. If you are deciding between having an item in the auction portion or having it as a for sale item at a set price, you may want to consider waiting until you have finalized this decision. These item types are not interchangeable and you will end up having to delete the item and adding it again.