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How to set up Paylater tickets for your sponsors

We have added an ability for sponsors and other guests to purchase specific tickets and sponsorships online without paying with a Credit Card immediately (allowing for offline payment).

To toggle this setting on or off in your ticket, follow these steps. 

Step one - Create a ticket (insert create ticket video) or go to edit your ticket item

Step two - Go to the “TICKET OPTIONS” tab

Step three - Underneath payment terms, you can check the box “Allow Purchasers to Pay Later”. This allows the user or sponsors to pay for the ticket via check, cash, or other methods at a later date.  

Step four - In the payment instructions field, enter how you would like the user to pay for the tickets. For example, “please send a check to Jim Smith by the 15th” or “Bring cash to our office at 123 Main Street”.


What sponsors will see and do

Handbid Heads up: This is the process your sponsors or guests must go through. Even if they have mailed in a check already or intend on paying offline later.

Below will show you the steps your sponsors will take for this option. You may share these details with your sponsors to assist them in the process. 

Step one - Go to the Sponsorships tab

Step two - Select the ticket(s) and quantity 

Step three - Fill in your information. If you are an assistant or buying this ticket on behalf of a sponsor, use real information for the registration process. This is important to receive and invoice reflecting the payment made by check or external methods and any tax information the sponsor may need from the organization.


Step four - When you get to the payment tab, there will be an option to "Send Payment Offline." This is referring to a check payment or other external means of paying for a ticket. You will want to click this option.


Upon completion of these steps, the user will see the payment instructions that you have inserted in your ticket settings. 


Now that the user has successfully registered and gotten the ticket(s) they wanted, you can attach the check payment (or other external methods) to their invoice. To learn more about paying an invoice, please reference THIS ARTICLE.