Volunteer Training

Volunteer Training for iPad App

This article provides an informational video to share with your volunteers on how to use Handbid's iPad app and will outline the benefits of utilizing volunteers as bid helpers.

It's always a great idea to have volunteers to help encourage bidding and help guests who may not have a smartphone, to bid. Guests who use the iPads to bid, typically are non-smartphone users and may have questions. While the iPads are super-easy to use, it's always good to make sure everyone is bidding happily and have a volunteer to help.

Things your iPad Helpers can be doing

  • Help Bidders - Does someone look confused or standing over an iPad for a while? Ask them if they need any help or if they have any questions.  Help them check their bids if they need to.
  • Explain How Bidding Works - help a user place a bid if it is their first one.  Explain how proxy bidding works and the benefits of placing proxy bids (allows them to put in a max and walk away). They do not have to come back and check their bids as often.
  • Make sure the iPads are Working - some bidders hit the home button and exit the app. Make sure the apps are running and that the light is green.  If the light is yellow or RED, then the iPad has lost its connection.  You can force the iPad to reconnect to the auction by pulling down the tab on the top right and hitting "resync auction".If that is successful, then the network is working and the iPad should resync.
  • Encourage Bidding! - Your iPad helpers can help drive revenue by encouraging people to check their bids and also up their bids to recapture their winning position. Walk around!


Here is a training video you can share with your volunteers to review prior to your event to help them get acquainted with the iPad App!

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