How to Sort Items in the Auction Manager

This article provides information on the several ways to sort items in the Auction Manager Dashboard.

If you want to filter the list of items in the auction manager, you can simply use the filters at the top of the item list. Clicking on any of these boxes will filter the list to just show items of that type.  These filters include:

  • Hidden: Will be hidden to the public and will only be visible to auction manager 
  • No Bids: Items that have not accrued any bids yet.
  • Live: Any items that are labeled as a Live Auction item.
  • Silent: Any items that are labeled as a Silent Auction item.
  • For Sale: Items that are set at a fixed price and are available as an instant buy.
  • Tickets: Items that are used for admission to your event. Do not use this item type for any other type of ticketing.


You can also sort items by clicking on the name of the category.