Network Setup for Laptops/iPads

We recommend you have a private WiFi network for the auction managers. Your iPads and laptops should be the ONLY devices on this network.

Prior to your event, make sure you have downloaded the Handbid iPad app on all of your iPads and have logged into your auction with your auction manager account (Handbid user name and password). Don’t have too many iPads signed into this particular WiFi account or this can slow down and/or create problems.  See How Many iPads Do I Need? for more information.

NOTE:  In the display settings of your iPad, make sure you select the "Auto-Lock" setting to "Never". You can also lock the rotation to landscape.

If you will be using laptops for check-in, set-up a check-in area with several laptops logged into the auction manager. Multiple computers can be logged in with the same manager login and the more check-in lines you have the quicker registration will go.

While multiple people can be logged into the auction manager while it is running, it is important to establish volunteer roles.  We recommend that one person be in charge of opening and closing the auction.  You can read more about closing your auction here:  Close your Auction.

We also recommend checking out Testing Your Venue's Network Connectivity for Mobile Bidding.