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Predefined Team Roles and Team Roles basics

This article will show you how to assign predefined team roles to staff members or volunteers helping with your event. 

In Handbid, the Teams feature allows you to assign roles to your team members.  Each predefined Team role has different levels of governance and permissions so that you can determine who needs access to specific processes and information for your event.  

The predefined Team roles are: 

Item Manager

Can manage items and categories; change an item status

Check In Agent

Can manage bidders and guests

Finance Manager

Can edit auction settings; manage bids/purchases; process payments; view reports and statistics

Check Out Agent

Can change an item status; manage bids/purchases; process payments; send broadcast messages

Event Night Assistant

Can do everything a Manager can do except manage the theme and view reports or statistics

Guest List Manager

Can manage bidders, guests, invitations, and bids/purchases; process payments

Follow these steps to assign a predefined role to a staff member or volunteer:

Step 1 -  Go to your auction dashboard and select your settings gearwheel

Step 2 - Go to the “TEAM” tab


Step 3 - Add new team members or add them from your contacts

Add a new team member, not in your contacts. 

Click “+ Add New Team Member”, and you will get a popup. Fill out the boxes in red with REAL information and then click “Add”. 


Adding a contact as a team member 

To add a contact that already exists in your organization's contact list, click “CHOOSE CONTACT.” Search for or select the contact you wish to add. Then click add to save them as a team member. 

How to search for a team member 

To search for a team member you have added, you can enter a name, phone number, or email address into the search bar. Any team members that fit that criteria will be displayed.


How to resend team members invite email

To do this, you will need to search for the team member and, next to their name, click the email icon. 

How to add/edit permissions to a user

To edit or add permissions to a user, select the pencil and notepad icons to bring up this team member's current permissions. To save changes, click the “Update” button.

How to remove a team member

To remove a team member click the backspace/delete icon

Predetermined roles

This section will show you how to choose a predetermined role for teams and what each team member can/can’t see with the specified roles. We are using an item manager as an example below. The predetermined roles are preset permissions that can be edited at any time. You can always add or remove permissions to predetermined roles.


Item Manager