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Successful Mobile Auction Tips

This article provides tips for a successful auction!

Here are some tips for a successful mobile auction. You can click on any of the hyperlinked pink underlined titles to access more information. Using our Auction Manager Checklist is also key to your success. Check it out HERE

  • Test WiFi at Your Venue: Mobile bidding requires bidders and auction managers to be able to access the Handbid servers to bid.  If the wifi or cellular coverage is not good at your venue, this could prevent bidders from being able to bid on the items they want.
  • Utilize The Handbid App: Our App is very easy to install and use, but like any app it requires time for download and installation.  ENCOURAGE/RECOMMEND bidders to sign up for an account and learn how the app works BEFORE they arrive at your event.  
  • Open for Pre-bidding: A big advantage of mobile bidding is that you can open your auction before your event.  This will allow bidders extra time to view your items and decide what they want to win.  It will also allow more time for bidders to compete over items - raising revenue generated at your auction.
  • Set Competitive Bid Increments: With mobile bidding you want to encourage several bids per item. You will not be able to achieve this if your bid increments are too high.  
  • Keep Your Auction Open Longer: With traditional bid sheets, you needed time to calculate winning bidders and organize your items. With Mobile bidding, you can keep your auction open longer and allow people to bid while at their dinner table. The more time your auction is open the more bids you will receive and the more revenue you will generate!