Using the iPad at Your Event

Handbid iPad App Setup & Instructions

This article provides a video and instructions for setting up the Handbid iPad App.

Handbid iPad Bidding Setup 

It is the day of your event and you need to make sure that your Handbid iPads are ready. Below is a brief checklist to get your Handbid iPads ready to go: 

  • Charge the iPads - Make sure that your iPads are charged.  If not, keep them plugged in as you continue to set up the venue for your event. They typically charge quick and you can leave them plugged in while completing the remaining steps.
  • Log into the Wi-Fi - Connect the iPad into the venue's Wi-Fi network that you have for your event. Select the settings icon, select WI-FI, select the appropriate network, enter the password and join. The WI-FI setting will display connected when complete.
  • Log into the Handbid iPad App - Log in to the Handbid iPad App. Select the Handbid iPad App, enter your email and password. Note: This is the same email and password used to login to your Handbid Auction Manager. The same email and password will be used on all of the iPads.
  • Select your Auction - Tap on the auction and allow the Handbid iPad App to load all of the items.
  • One final quality check - Browse through the items and verify that all of them have photos and look correct.
  • Place Handbid iPads throughout the silent auction area or with iPad volunteers working your auction.

If you are using iPad Helpers, touch base and make sure that everyone is on same page with iPad functionality and expectations.  The video above can be shared with them about how to help individuals bid on the Handbid iPad.