Volunteer Training

Volunteer Support with Bidding

This article will provide useful tips on how to make sure you have the right volunteers for your event!

Well trained volunteers can offer great support for your guests during the bidding process at your event. The following information will provide useful tips on how to make sure you have the right volunteers in place:

  1. Have volunteers to act as mobile phone "tech" assistants to handle specific iPhone/Android questions away from the registration area. These questions will include usability functions within the app.

    For example: how to bid on items, how to place max bids, how to check bid history, how to add a credit card, how to view/pay an invoice, etc.

    Make sure that whomever you put in charge of this, whether it be one or two volunteers, is comfortable using the app on both Apple and Android devices. Consider creating a Handbid HELP Desk near the entrance of the auction. 
  2. Ensure you have both the phone app and iPad app designated to support people during your event. This will promote a better experience, and will ultimately drive more bidding, which means more money! Make sure the people you choose for these tasks are engaging. This will increase your overall bidding activity. 
  3. Have iPad Bidding helpers who are well-versed on how to use the iPad app and are socially engaging. What you want to avoid is giving an iPad to a shy volunteer. Make sure your iPad volunteers are able to approach people and encourage bidding throughout your event. 

 The following video will ensure your iPad helpers are up to speed: iPad Training Video for Volunteers