How to Purchase a Ticket on Behalf of a Bidder

This article provides an informational video and steps on how to purchase a ticket on behalf of a bidder.

Ticket Purchases are reflected in your guest list. For example, when a guest purchases a table of 4, it will populate four spots on your guest list including the purchaser name. The Ticket Purchaser has the ability to update the three additional slots and add the name of the guest. If they have the email and phone number for these guests, the purchaser can also input that information. These slots will be reflected by how many people the ticket admits.

Ticket Purchasers will also be able to purchase their tickets on the mobile app and apply discount codes. After purchasing tickets, they can view their ticket and update the guests on the ticket.

However, there are instances where a guest will ask for your assistance with purchasing a ticket or sponsorship where you'll need to add a ticket purchase through the back end. In these cases, you are able to purchase a ticket on behalf of a guest via the Auction Dashboard.


Video: Purchasing a Ticket on Behalf of a Bidder


Purchasing Tickets through the Auction Dashboard (back-end):

  1. Select the ticket icon on the auction dashboard.
  2. Select a bidder and a ticket for the ticket purchase. (You can only sell tickets to registered bidders) You also have the ability to apply a promo code to the purchase. The drop down menu will display all of the discount codes.