Invitee vs Guest vs Bidder

To help you manage your people in Handbid, learn how they live in the Handbid management system through these three different lists.

We have tools to manage your invite list, guest list and bidder list. These lists live in the “People” dropdown in the hamburger menu of your Auction Dashboard. All lists operate independently of each other. 

Guests: A guest is someone that plans to attend your event. A guest will only become a bidder once they register for your auction. A guest can also become a contact if they provide you with their email. 

Invite List: Handbid can send customized invitations to all of your supporters. If you have a CRM with a list of names, emails, and information, you can upload that list through our Invitee Import tool. Use our invite tools to create custom messages via email or text to invite them to register. 

Guest List: Guests are added to your Guest List in two different ways: 

1) They are manually entered, either individually or through the Guest Import or 

2) They have purchased a ticket. Guest slots will be created based on the number each ticket admits, i.e., if a ticket admits 6, then the purchaser is added to the guest list, along with 5 additional guest slots to enter in guest information.

Bidders: These are people who have registered for your auction and, as such, have a paddle number assigned to them. Depending on your bidding restrictions, they will be able to bid on and purchase For Sale items within your auction. A bidder does not have to be on the guest list.