Guest List Overview

This article provides an informational video and information on how to use the Guest List function in Handbid. The guest list is a great way to track who is coming to your event.

The Handbid Guest List allows you to manage all of your guests that you expect to attend your event. If you do plan to track attendance, the guest list is a powerful and simple tool that will allow you to do that.  Using the guest list will streamline your event registration and users can pre-populate their own data and your staff can checkin guests from the auction manager, from iPads or even from cell Phones!

If your event does not require you to worry about who is coming, therefore not needing to check-in guests, you may want to consider simply registering bidders and not using the guest list. 

Video Overview


How to Use the Guest List

By default, the guest list is integrated through Handbid ticketing. When tickets are sold, the guest list will open slots based on how many people the ticket admits to the event.   However, you are also able to import your guests if you have decided to use a different ticketing system.

Managing your guest has never been easier. You can bulk edit tables or sponsors. You can check-in your guests directly from the guest list and register them as bidders as well. 

To access the guest list from the auction dashboard select People, Guests, then select Guest List. 

Have more questions about the Guest List Feature?

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