Running Your Auction - Check-in and Registration

You have choices to prepare your guests for mobile bidding and accomplishing registration and check-in either prior to or at your event.

At your event, you can personally check everyone in as they walk through the door or you can encourage a 'self-check in' environment where guests create an account and download the Handbid app on their own.  We have designed Handbid to be "easy to get" and "easy to use" for this purpose. 

Here are some items for you to think over as part of the check-in and registration process for your event:

  • How long is my window for check-in? (e.g. are 400 people showing up in a 30-minute timeframe?)
  • How many volunteers or staff will you have doing check-in?
  • How have you organized your check-in area? If a line forms are there sufficient room to handle?
  • Handbid assigns Paddle IDs.  Factor this into your process.  If you have pre-printed bid cards you will want to have a few volunteers who are designated to pull them and hand out to bidders. 
  • What information are you collecting at check-in? Do you have paper tickets or a list that needs to be checked for admission?
  • Consider uploading a guest list to ease data entry at check-in.  See more on Guest Lists HERE
  • Is everyone getting checked in or only those interested in bidding?
  • Have you implemented pre-bidding?

With all of the events that we run we have some thoughts and best practices for you in order to avoid the dreaded 'line'.

  • Avoid “chit chat” and “hugs” at registration.  Save that for later.
  • Avoid using someone from your organization who 'knows everyone' to help with check-in.
  • Have your check-in staff use laptops as opposed to iPad for efficient check-in.
  • Minimize data collection, ensure your check-in staff/volunteers can type.
  • Please make sure your check-in volunteers stay through the entire check-in time.
  • Encouraging pre-bidding will help people to get set up in advance.
  • Have volunteers get people downloading the app while waiting in line.

As mentioned in previous articles, the most important factor here is planning and anticipation of concerns.  Have a process identified and ensure the proper training of your check-in staff. It is of utmost importance for check-in staff to be able to type, make eye contact and be friendly with your guests.

Handbid has many resources you can use to streamline check-in.  See the following section for many detailed documents & articles on your check-in process.

Check-in and Registration