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Selling Unsold Items Online or Second Chance Auction

This article provides information about hosting a Second Chance or Fire Sale auction with unsold items from your recent auction.

If you have items that did not sell during your auction and want to host a Fire Sale or Second Chance auction, Handbid allows you to reopen your auction to sell the remaining unsold items.   If you are going to do this you must complete your second chance auction within 30 DAYS of your original auction closing. 

NOTE: Make sure your auction has completely closed and all of your items have been sold before you reopen your auction!

 The initial close process can take several minutes and is not complete until you get a message in the Auction Manager stating "Your auction results are complete!". Remember, reopening your auction before all invoices are generated will result in sold items not being marked sold out once you open the second chance auction!

Re-opening Your Auction 

  1. Create a new category for your unsold items.  An example might be "Fire Sale". Moving all of your unsold items to a new category will help bidders easily find them.   
  2. Move this category to the top of the list so that the category will show up first in the Handbid app. 
  3. Hide any unsold items you do NOT want to be available when you reopen the auction. 
  4. Hide any for sale items you do NOT want to be available when you reopen your auction. 
  5. Modify the close date in your Auction settings so bidders know the end date of your second chance auction!
  6. Click the play button and Open Your Auction.
  7. Be sure to promote to all of your previous guests that you have reopened the auction for items that were previously unsold. 

Create a Fire Sale with Unsold Items

We have found that auction items that don't sell during your initial auction are because the item did not appeal to your bidders or the price on the item was too high.  For these reasons we usually recommend you modify the price of your items  and open it up to a wider audience. 

One way to do that is what we call a Fire Sale.  In this process you would lower the starting bid of the item(s) by a % and then set a buyNowPrice at the same amount as the starting bid.  This would effectively sell the item to the first person who bids on it in the Fire Sale. 

To setup a Fire Sale, follow these steps:

1.    Find the items that you want to add to the FireSale.  Select them in a list and click on the "Bulk Edit" icon to bring up the Bulk Editor:

                                        all items

2.    Add the items to a new category (we recommend this to make them easier to find).  Click edit to save and allow Handbid to make the updates.  Once done the editor will close.

                                                    bulk edit item

3.    Next go back into the editor with the same items and this time select "Lower Starting Bid".  Now select a percentage that you want to reduce the starting bids by.  You certainly do not need to do it this way.  You could edit these items individually and set the starting bid price to whatever you want.  You also don't have to change the starting bid prices, but for a Fire Sale, we tend to recommend that you do.  When done, click Edit again and let the editor do its thing.   

4.    Now go back into the editor and this time select "Fire Sale".  This will effectively set a buyNow price equal to the starting bid price.  Click on Edit to complete this step. 

5.    The final step is to open the auction.  Since these items were never sold, you don't have to manually open them. They should already be in an open status.  If you do need to change any of them, you can click on them to edit their status or use the bulk editor again to change it.