Organization Main Dashboard

Organization Main Dashboard Overview

Learn the Handbid tools available in your Organizations Main Dashboard.

When you log in to your auction manager account ( you will be brought to your MAIN DASHBOARD. The MAIN DASHBOARD allows you to manage your organization information, contacts, inventory, auctions, events, and fundraisers. 

Main Menu Panel

The main panel will be a card-view of all your auctions along with a filter at the top that will allow you to show or hide auctions in various statuses (setup, open, presale, preview, paused, closed, reconciled). For more on auction status, please review this article: Changing your Auction Status

Left Menu Panel

On the left panel you will find navigation for: 

  • Contacts - This is where you can access your contact database in Handbid.  To learn more about the Contacts feature, please read our: Managing Contacts in Handbid article.
  • Auctions -  Click to view a list of your auction(s), create a new auction, create a test auction, or a non-auction event.
  • Inventory -  This is still a product in BETA (meaning it is not completely finished), but it manages item inventory outside of auctions. Play around with it! 
  • Support -  This tool will take you directly to our Knowledge Base.

The Right Menu Panel

The Right panel will show statistics on your auctions run on Handbid.  This will be a cumulative report as you continue to run events on the platform. 

The Organization Tab

Just above the main panel will be your organization's name.  Next to it will be an edit icon where you can edit your organization settings. To get more information on editing these settings, please read this article: Editing your Organizational Settings

So what do you need to do next?

If you have not set up your auction, we recommend you start there. For detailed information on setting up your auction click here Auction Settings.