Get Started - Auction Kickstart

This article will show you how to get your Handbid account set up when you first log in and walk threw setting up your Handbid auction.

Welcome to Handbid! Let's start off with logging in and going to through the Main Dashboard

  1. Log in to your Handbid account at with credentials you were provided via email. If you do not have your credentials you will need to reach out to the owner of the account or the Handbid service team to assist you with this.
  2. Overview of the Main Dashboard and the different types of events. This article will show you how to set up an Auction. From your Handbid Auction you can create and manage silent auction items, traditional live auction items, and virtual live auction items. You can also manage ticket items and donation (appeal) items if these item types are included in your account.
  3. From the Main Dashboard you can add additional auction managers and connect your Stripe account. We will briefly cover this in this video. If additional instructions are needed for either of these tasks please view the hyperlink article above. 

Setting up your Handbid Auction

  1. Click on the create  auction button to start creating your auction. It is important to save your work after you start