New Auction Setup

Get Started - Auction Kickstart

This article will show you how to get your Handbid account set up when you first log in and walk through setting up your Handbid auction.

Welcome to Handbid! Let's start off with logging in and going to through the Main Dashboard

  1. Log in to your Handbid account at with credentials you were provided via email. If you do not have your credentials you will need to reach out to the owner of the account or the Handbid service team to assist you with this.
  2. Overview of the Main Dashboard and the different types of events. This article will show you how to set up an Auction. From your Handbid Auction you can create and manage silent auction items, traditional live auction items, and virtual live auction items. You can also manage ticket items and donation (appeal) items if these item types are included in your account.
  3. From the Main Dashboard you can add additional auction managers and connect your Stripe account. We will briefly cover this in this video. If additional instructions are needed for either of these tasks please view the hyperlink article above. 


Setting up your Handbid Auction

  1. Click on the create auction button to start creating your auction and start working through the tabs of your auction settings. You can follow along with the Kickstart Video Pt. 2 below. If you do not have all of your auction information at this time you can add it at a later time.
  2. Once you have completed the "Contacts" tab through the "Events" tab, you can create your auction, as you have now completed all of the required fields. However, you are not done setting up your auction. We will finish doing that in the Kickstart Video Pt. 3.
  3. After you create your auction you will need to click on the auction from the Main Dashboard to finish setting up the setting from the settings gear wheel. 

Auction Settings: Images Tab through the Donations Tab

  1. After completing the required settings (indicated in red) through the "Contacts and Events Tabs" of our Settings Gear Wheel, let's complete the basic auction set up and work through the  "Images" to the "Donations" tabs. Follow along in the Kickstart Video Pt. 3 below for a better understanding of how these settings work. Remember to update your settings as you complete each tab to ensure you do not lose your work.
  2. To learn more information on Handbid TV you can refer to this article for more information - Handbid TV Overview
  3. One of the settings that you will see in the Kickstart Pt. 3 that is not mentioned is Recurring Donations in the "Donations" tab. You can enable Recurring Donations once you have connected your Stripe account. 

Final Auction Settings: Bidder Tab through the Sponsor Tab

  1. Now you are going to work through the "Bidders" tab to the "Sponsors" tab and finishing setting up your auction. Once you are done setting up your auction or reviewing the settings you can update your settings. If you do not have all of your information at this time you can edit your settings at a later on. Follow along in the Kickstart Video Pt. 4 below to finish
  2. We briefly mention restricted the restricted bidding checkbox in this article. For more information on restricted bidding you can refer to our article on restricted bidding - Restricted Bidding
  3. We do not mention the Per Bidder Spending limit in this video. If you would like to limit the amount money certain bidders can spend in your auction you can enable this setting and set the spending limit individually on the bidder account you want to put the limit on.