Paddle Raise

Appeal Recording Sheet

This article provides a few tips as well as a downloadable Appeal/Donation Recording Sheet PDF for you to use during your Appeal/Paddle Raise/Fund-a-Need etc.

If you intend to use a live auctioneer to conduct a Paddle Raise (appeal) at your event, you will need to make sure those donations are entered into the system prior to check-out. This ensures the donation is applied to the appropriate donors account so they can pay their balance at the end of the night. 


To be sure you're collecting those donations and paddle numbers, it's convenient to have a pre-designed sheet to record donations and paddle numbers as the auctioneer is calling them off. It's highly recommended to have 2-4 (or more) volunteers recording donations and paddle numbers depending on the size of your event.

Once the Paddle Raise (appeal) has concluded, assign one volunteer to collect all sheets and begin auditing to ensure all donations were accurately collected. Keep in mind that there could be donations/paddles recorded on a sheet that the auctioneer could have missed, so before you rule it out as a mistake, talk to your team about it first! 


This document contains a template for you to print out and record your appeal/paddle raise donations.  This information will then be entered into the Handbid Auction Manager.