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Using a Thermometer During an Appeal

This article will overview how to use a thermometer with your appeal (paddle raise, fund-a-need, etc.)

If you decide you want to use Handbid to manage your appeal and have your donors contribute via the Handbid app, then you can also show a live thermometer of the incoming donations.  

To set this up, you should do the following:

  1. Setup an appeal item for each donation level.  These levels ($1,000, $500, $250, $100,...) will be options that your donors will pick when placing their donation.
  2. Put all of these levels in a category that can be easily found in your auction (e.g. Paddle Raise, Donations, etc.)
  3. Direct your guests to this category when they are ready to make a donation. 
  4. Have Handbid TV up and running on a projector if you want to show live donations coming in.  When your guests donate, your thermometer will rise and the donor's name will appear. 


Here is a video that shows how to setup the thermometer

HandbidTV-Appeals from Handbid on Vimeo.