Sponsors and Sponsorships

FAQ: Event Sponsors vs. Guest Sponsors vs. Sponsorships

This article will answer some of the commonly asked questions about the different types of Sponsors and how to use Sponsorships in Handbid.

What is an Event Sponsor?

An Event Sponsor is an organization, corporation, foundation, family or individual that is sponsoring your event monetarily and you want to recognize and highlight in Handbid. There are 5 ways to promote Event Sponsors: 

  1. Mobile Splash Event Sponsor 
    1. Can I put more than one sponsor in the Mobile Splash? You can only have 1 image appear here. If you have more than one sponsor, you could combine their logos into a single image.
    2. How can I sell this Sponsor space? We created this presentation for you to show a Sponsor interested in the Mobile Splash Event Sponsor opportunity. 
  2. Event Title Sponsor
  3. Event Sponsor Banner
  4. Live Stream Event Sponsor 
  5. Event Homepage Sponsor
    1. How many HomePage Sponsors can I add? Unlimited! Just keep clicking the plus button!
    2. What if I want to change the order of the HomePage Sponsors? Yes, you can change the order the Sponsors are listed. Visit this article for directions on how to change the order of the HomePage Sponsors.
    3. Can I differentiate sponsors based on levels? We recommend creating a custom template with a banner such as "Platinum Sponsor" at the top then sorting your Sponsors accordingly. View the example below, which was created in Powerpoint . Click here to learn how to edit images in Powerpoint

What is a Guest Sponsor?

A Guest Sponsor is anyone who purchases a ticket in Handbid. This can be an individual ticket holder, a purchaser of multiple tickets OR a purchaser of a ticket with more than one guest slot. 

On the Guest List a Guest Sponsor will be listed as the Sponsor as well as the Purchaser unless edited by the Auction Manager. Click here more details on Guest Sponsors and how to edit their guest list. 


What is a Sponsorship?

Sponsorships in Handbid are tickets that include multiple entrances to the event and may also include a donation element. For instance, a corporation/individual would like to purchase a Sponsorship that includes 20 sales eats/entrances/slots for the event and a donation amount. The corporation/individual may not choose to pay through a personal credit card, but rather through a business check, foundation check, donor-advised funds etc... the corporation can then invite their own guests and manage their own guest list. We call these "Pay Later" tickets in Handbid. Click here for more details on Sponsorships in Handbid.